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The Tap House brewery was established in November 2010, with an excellent family history of brewing and over 30 years experience.We take pride and employ time-honoured brewing methods to produce our beer. Using outstanding water and and incorporating only the finest ingredients, including local and New World hops sourced from around the globe, resulting in a range of premium ales.¬†All of our ales are available on rotation at the bar in The Tap House.¬†They are also making successful appearances as guest beers in many other pubs in the area and at numerous local beer festivals. Come in and try one of our fine ales and even take it home with you in our 2 pint carton’s now available.

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Ashby Pride - A classic session beer, very easy on the palate. A true flavoursome beer with subtle citrus flavours. ABV: 3.8%

Gold - A golden fresh beer with citrus aromas, a hoppy intensity and a morish aftertaste. ABV: 4%

Malt Teaser - A rich crimson beer, packed full of robust malt flavours and a light toffee aftertaste. ABV: 4.6%

Kingdom - A premium chestnut coloured ale with a hint of caramel, giving it an excellent balance and a satisfying finish. ABV: 4.5%

Dark and Dangerous - A delicious dark and complex porter with subtle chocolate flavours and a truly moreish finish. ABV: 5.0%

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"We use the finest ingredients, brewed with pride, which gives our beers thier distinctive flavour and characteristics. We trust you and your customers will enjoy our beers as much as we have enjoyed brewing them!"

Luke Thompson - Owner

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